Snooze News: 6th Edition

Getting in Touch with the Anesthesia and Mission Hospital Community by Matt My co-anesthesiologist Greg is spending 6 weeks in the US so there are some more demands around the hospital for me than usual. We’ve had a short-term visiting anesthesiologist for 2 weeks who has been a huge help (let your anesthesiologist friends know- … Continue reading Snooze News: 6th Edition

Kimana Sanctuary + Amboseli National Park

Matt has had a very busy few weeks being the only anesthesiologist on-site, in addition to lots of recent travel for various conferences. So we're really grateful we got to take a 3-day weekend with some friends and head south to Kimana Sanctuary and Amboseli National Park for our family's "summer" vacation. I still cannot … Continue reading Kimana Sanctuary + Amboseli National Park

2022 Kenyan Presidential Elections

As messy as the last presidential race was in the US, presidential elections in Kenya tend to be more violent and divisive with deep effects on its already suffering people. There's the added element of tribalism on top of political preferences, which is something we as Westerners can't totally understand or appreciate the gravity of. … Continue reading 2022 Kenyan Presidential Elections

“Murder Your Darlings”: A Playground Update

This is an update post on the playground project! I know the title sounds a little dramatic- bear with me. Have you ever heard that phrase "murder your darlings" before? Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch coined it, apparently. The first time I heard the phrase was during a writing course I took back in Nashville. It's slightly … Continue reading “Murder Your Darlings”: A Playground Update