February 12 Update from Matt

It is a busy season for us! God has been so gracious with our support raising process and we have cherished the times each week that we can chat with friends and family about joining the team. Ansley is passing 32 weeks pregnant and things are going great, but it also means new kinds of … Continue reading February 12 Update from Matt

The “Kynes Catch Up” is Back!

Why am I doing again what I said I'd never do again? I'm a sinner, first of all. And secondly, because we're headed back to Kijabe next year! So here we are, re-instating ye olde "Kynes Catch Up" blog, which I said I'd never start to begin with. Today's Plan In the book of QuotesPeopleTreatAsBiblicalButAren't … Continue reading The “Kynes Catch Up” is Back!